Komori Europe announces intensified partnership with AtéCé for distribution of K-Supply products

Komori Europe has announced an intensified partnership with AtéCé Graphic Products, a prominent Dutch distributor of printing products, to handle the product management and the distribution and manufacturing of the K-Supply product portfolio in the EMEA-territory. The partnership aims to provide superior product, better support for local Komori distributors and improve the accessibility of K-Supply products.

(from left to right) Ulrich Sause (Komori Europe), Bert Schelhaas (AtéCé), Eiji Kajita (Komori Europe) and Wim van Mastrigt (AtéCé).

Redacción Alabrent

"We are excited to partner with AtéCé to bring our high-quality products closer to our customers," said Ulrich Sause, Chief Commercial Officer of Komori Europe. "AtéCé has a strong presence in the European market and a deep understanding of the local printing industry. Their expertise and experience will help us better serve our customers and meet their unique needs."

As part of the partnership, AtéCé will be responsible for the further development and distribution of the K-Supply product portfolio in the EMEA-territory, including printing ink, blankets, underpacking material, washcloth, plate cleaners, fountain solutions, and other printing press consumables. AtéCé will also provide technical support and training to local distributors and end-users, ensuring that K-Supply products are used effectively and efficiently in combination with the Komori line-up.

"We are honoured to partner with Komori and together work on further expanding the presence of the K-Supply products in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa," said Wim van Mastrigt, business development manager of AtéCé. "We share the same commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, and we believe that this partnership will create new opportunities for both our companies and our customers."

The partnership between Komori Europe and AtéCé is effective immediately, and both companies are committed to providing excellent service and support to their customers.


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