Valmet to deliver new evaporation plant to Södra Cell Mönsterås pulp mill in Sweden

Valmet will deliver a new evaporation line 3 for Södra Cell Mönsterås pulp mill in Sweden. The new line will replace the oldest evaporation line 1 at the mill. The new evaporation plant is scheduled to start-up in the first quarter of 2023.

Valmet will deliver a new evaporation line to Södra Cell Mönsterås mill.

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The value of the order will not be disclosed. However, a project of this size and scope is typically valued at around EUR 30 million. The order is included in Valmet’s orders received of the second quarter 2021.

“Our existing evaporation line 1 is over 40 years old and due to high recurring maintenance costs it now needs to be replaced with a new modern evaporation plant representing the state-of-the-art technology, which is more energy efficient and increases our mill’s performance. In hard competition Valmet presented the best overall solution for us and we are looking forward to this cooperation,” says Jonas Olander, Project Leader at Södra Cell Mönsterås.

“We have a long cooperation with Södra Cell and the Mönsterås mill’s evaporation plant. We tailored this new line to meet the customer needs for reliability and efficiency. The new line will increase the evaporation capacity and further improve the mill’s steam economy and energy efficiency by producing high dry solids for the recovery boiler. The water efficiency of the mill is improved by providing clean condensate for reuse at the mill,” says Fredrik Kall, Director, Evaporation, Ash & Bio Technology, Pulp and Energy, Valmet.

Technical information about the delivery

The new evaporation line 3 will have a capacity of 530 tonnes evaporated water per hour. The 7-effect line will feature Valmet Tubel technology for highest energy efficiency, availability and easy washing. The evaporation line will produce clean condensates for reuse in the mill processes. The line includes preparedness for lignin extraction with LignoBoost technology. Valmet’s delivery also includes inspection of the existing evaporation line 2.

About the customer Södra Cell and the Mönsterås mill

Södra is Sweden's largest forest owners’ association and an international forest industry group where operations are based on the processing of members forest raw material. Södra Cell is one of Södra’s four business areas. With its pulp mills at Värö, Mörrum and Mönsterås, Södra Cell is one of the leading producers of market pulp in the world. Södra Cell is also a major producer and supplier of biofuels, green electricity, district heating and raw material for liquid biofuels. Mönsterås has a production capacity of 750,000 tonnes per year of softwood and hardwood pulp.

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