Innovia Films’ PVC-Free graphic Arts films reduce environmental footprint

Innovia Films’ recognises that sustainability and the environment remain at the forefront of concern across all demographics and is high on the agenda of global corporate responsibility. With Rayoart™ graphic films you can take a step towards an improved environmental footprint with your short-and medium-term corporate branding. Indoor or outdoor Rayoart™ graphic films can support a positive footprint for your business.

Innovia’s PVC-free Rayoart™ films reduce environmental footprint.

Redacción Alabrent

Innovia Films’ Rayoart™ 60µm (230 gauge) BOPP films offer fantastic colour and print vitality to maximise your message and branding. Rayoart™ films offer more than 50% reduction in global warming potential vs PVC, based on available industry data.

For flat and simple curve applications, they offer a much lower environmental impact versus PVC equivalent materials. They are very cost effective even versus monomeric vinyl whilst retaining some performance characteristics of higher end polymeric vinyl materials. Dimensional and colour stability are far superior to monomeric vinyl. BOPP physical properties mean the printed graphic installation is easy and removal at the campaign end is quick and efficient. Free of migratory additives, you can rest assured that your printed graphic will stay in position and retain eye-catching colours for its lifetime.

Combine BOPP graphic film with UV or Latex digital printing and you take, considerable steps to further lower your environmental impact and minimize odour of the graphic installation. For aggressive environments durable BOPP overlaminate films are also available to further protect the print.

They can be printed by flexographic, screen, UV inkjet and low temperature Latex inkjet processes. Perfect for flat and simple curved large graphic or decal applications or pressure sensitive label applications requiring extended outdoor usage.

Where branding and messaging is important throughout the life of the graphic, these robust films will deliver.

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