YRG invest in UK’S first Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS

Leading UK packaging design and reprographics business, York Reprographic Group (YRG), has taken delivery of the latest CDI Crystal 5080 XPS technology for digital imaging and exposure of plates from Esko. Complemented by investment in a new X22 Kongsberg table for digital plate cutting, the installation performed in December is a first for Esko in the UK.
YRG tomó una gran decisión al seguir invirtiendo en la nueva generación de tecnología de corte de Esko, añadiendo a sus capacidades de corte de planchas existentes y permitiendo a la compañía entregar una plancha de impresión excepcional.

[Redacción] CDI Crystal 5080 XPS with operatorMark Gration, Managing Director of YRG, said: “We pride ourselves in being early adopters of new technology for the print industry. We simply can’t afford to stand still. With quality, consistency and speed to market being critical for our clients, investing in the latest digital flexo solutions to drive press efficiency and print performance is key to maintaining our market leading position.

“The investment adds capacity to our business, complementing our existing four cutting tables, along with our 10 CDI imaging devices, to meet the needs of our growth strategy. While driving efficiency, this technology also significantly enhances our client’s print quality and consistency and we believe it to be a major development for the flexographic printing industry.”

As a leading reprographics company, the company has disclosed its intention to roll out the use of the Esko Crystal solution throughout the entire group.

James Mason, Managing Director, Esko UK, Ireland & Scandinavia, commented: “We are delighted that YRG, as a long term Esko customer, is leveraging all of our software and hardware in an integrated way to better serve its customers in terms of quality and efficiency.

“The new CDI Crystal screening technology is a leap forward for reprographics businesses in terms of delivering flexo print performance excellence. The combination of the high-resolution fiber laser imaging, and the patented simultaneous back and front UV LED exposure, produces digital flexo plates with unique performance on press, reliable reproducibility, plate stability and consistent quality. The CDI Crystal XPS simplifies plate room operations and increases operational efficiency.”

CDI Crystal 5080 XPS-detail-control panelMark Gration adds, “Our new technology provides perfect solutions to the big flexographic demands: very fine and subtle highlights, smooth vignette transitions without rivering, highly effective microcells giving smooth laydowns and controlled increased densities. Above all, our new Crystal equipment ensures that these invaluable features are absolutely consistent from plate to plate.”

“YRG made a great decision in further investing in the new generation of Esko cutting technology, adding to its existing plate cutting capabilities and enabling the company to deliver an outstanding press-ready plate. We look forward to working with them in the months ahead to roll out the solution to their clients and the rest of the sites accordingly,” added James.

Esko Iberia, S.L.

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