Scodix Showcases the benefits of digital print enhancement at Expografica México 2017

Scodix, the world’s leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, joins forces with its Mexican partners Grupo SG and BG Solutions at Expografica to demonstrate the clear advantages of incorporating digital enhancement and embellishment into offset and digital print workflows.

Scodix digital enhancements add value not only to the product but to the consumer experience, allowing printers and converters to charge premium prices.

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With a market-leading range of finishing applications, Scodix digital enhancement adds value to the consumer experience, allowing printers and converters to earn premium prices and boost profitability. Expografica Mexico visitors can see Scodix’ range of digital enhancement presses live at the show in two locations, with the Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil Station on display on the Grupo SG booth, 816, and the Scodix S75 demonstrated on the 1004 booth, from 17-20th May.

The Scodix Ultra Pro produces tangible enhancements for a wide variety of applications including marketing literature, stationery items, book covers, boxes and premium packages, greeting cards, photo albums and more. With the additional Foil Station module the press delivers unmatched foil enhancement capabilities, including high gloss, embossed and a variety of densities.

Launched at drupa 2012, the pioneering Scodix S75 Digital Enhancement Press provides stand out detailing and consistent results, leaving a lasting impression on the consumer for commercial and B2C applications such as catalogues, brochures, business cards, inserts and advertising materials, invitations and greeting cards.

“It’s an exciting time for Scodix. We’ve supplied over 250 customers worldwide with the ability to add value to their products with embellishment, which immediately increases their revenue and delivers positive ROI (Return of Investment). We’re seeing rapid adoption of digital enhancement equipment in Latin America and it’s a trend that is accelerating,” states Scodix CEO, Roy Porat, “Not only does Scodix offer the benefits of digital – short runs, short lead times, personalisation – but we have applications that cannot be replicated or bettered by any traditional finishing process.

“We’re delighted to bring all these benefits to Expografica Mexico as part of our strategic activity in this important region over the last four years. The successful introduction of digital enhancement technology into the market has enabled Scodix to gain a reliable and proven reputation with over 40 customers in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other leading countries in this important continent. Scodix will continue investing and expanding its activity to support local, loyal customers.”

Scodix Ltd.

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