New OTTO KERN LUXURE fragrance uses luxurious packaging to set it apart on the shelf

Allure and seduction, this is the promise of the new OTTO KERN LUXURE fragrance by perfume house Mäurer & Wirtz. The elegant and modern packaging of the twin fragrance conveys the promise thanks to full-surface, metallised polyester film lamination on Algro Design® bright white carton board from Sappi.

[Redacción] OTTO KERN LUXURE captures the magical moment when seduction is in the air – two people whose passion is reflected in their eyes, oblivious to the glamorous world around them. The twin his-and-hers fragrance proffers a sense of exquisite luxury that touches the skin and gives you goose bumps - a moment of desire that will linger in your memory beyond the moment.

The premium brand OTTO KERN is part of the Ahlers Group in Herford and represents stylish designer fashion. While it may be fashion for every day, it is certainly not run-of-the-mill with its distinctive "glamour factor." The OTTO KERN LUXURE fragrance was created and produced for the premium label by famous perfume company Mäurer & Wirtz. LUXURE (French for "lust") specifically emphasises both the sensual and luxurious sides of the brand: allure and seduction, staged in the language of fragrance.

Packaging: the object of desire

It is no easy task to reflect the promise of such an upscale, luxurious fragrance with both the bottle and the exterior packaging while also providing a memorable tactile experience. Renowned design agency Peter Schmidt designed the outer packaging and the bottle for Mäurer & Wirtz. The packaging was developed at Mäurer & Wirtz, and production was carried out at Model Kramp in Hanau, a leading manufacturer of high-end packaging made of solid board. The high-quality virgin fibres Algro Design carton board used for the folding box comes from Sappi Fine Paper Europe.

The bottle reflects an avant-garde elegance, complemented by a sophisticated nuance of sensuality. This image also needed to be reflected in the packaging. Recessed lines on the sides of the glass bottle provide a sensual, tactile effect. The folding boxes use classic and elegant colour schemes: the women's fragrance in passionate red with shimmering gold, and the men's fragrance is packaged in a masculine black with silver.

Metallised film lamination

The colour and effect of the packaging was deliberately elegant and modern. "Glamorous, but not excessive or gaudy. The packaging needed to be restrained in the choice of graphical elements, but still luxurious," explains Udo Kruizenga, Packaging Manager for Print at Mäurer & Wirtz. Instead of high-gloss varnish which tends to look rather excessive and a little on the tacky side, a decision was made in favour of a slightly matt surface with highlights of gold and silver. The final choice came down to a fully metallised carton or a neutral white carton onto which the metallised film was laminated over its entire surface in a separate process.

Tests have shown that bright white Algro Design from Sappi is excellent for full-surface lamination with metallised PET film thanks to its high level of surface uniformity. "Algro Design has shown very good results with lamination," Kruizenga adds . “Thanks to its extremely homogeneous surface, we find Algro Design to be an ideal carrier for high quality film lamination.”

Without an exceptionally consistent surface, any kind of surface roughness would be revealed after the lamination process and would produce a negative effect. With Algro Design, the film laminates evenly on the carton surface and lies flat.

Laminating, printing, embossing

For the production of the his-and-hers packaging, 12-micron metallised PET film was laminated over the entire surface of the carton. To achieve the gold effect on the packaging for the women's fragrance, the entire area was also overprinted in translucent yellow. An opaque white base is then applied for all of the text and logo elements for both packages, and then respective packages are printed in black or red using UV offset. Finally, the entire package is coated with a semi-matte finish.

Both the label and the logo with the lion crest located on the front and the lid flap contain filigree embossing elements. These were partially blind embossed, a technique that would not have been technically feasible for these extremely small elements using a different method. As a result, the consumer gains the impression of spatial depth when running a finger over the logo. After the blind embossing, the prints are stamped and assembled to create the finished packaging.

Surface consistency

Converters using Algro Design have proven over and over that a bright white carton with a high quality surface is the ideal material for highlighting a consistently high quality printing and finishing result – especially with full-surface film lamination. The homogeneity of the material combined with matt varnish creates a unified, velvety soft appearance for the package. With this exquisite packaging for the new OTTO KERN LUXURE fragrance, there is nothing standing in the way of the power of seduction, lust and desire that it is set to unleash upon men and women alike.

About Mäurer & Wirtz

Mäurer & Wirtz (, with headquarters in Stolberg near Aachen, is Germany's fifth largest fragrance manufacturer. The history of the family company, now managed by the fifth generation, goes back to a soap factory founded in 1845. Since 1990, M&W has been a separate subsidiary of the Dalli Group. Today, a total of 350 employees are involved in developing and manufacturing about 740 cosmetic and personal care products under the three brands Prestige, 4711 and Beauty. The company’s best-known brands include Baldessarini, Strellson, Tabac Original, Betty Barclay, Otto Kern, s.Oliver and more.

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