HP empowers Toblerone to celebrate originality

Confectionary, food and beverage company, Mondel z International, has partnered with HP to create a unique, original, instore activation for Toblerone, which will link with their new equity platform launching this summer. Exclusively launched across Sainsbury’s stores in the UK, as a test and learn opportunity, the campaign sees Toblerone packs decorated with new colorful designs using HP’s digital technology to create a truly unexpected gifting moment for chocolate lovers. For the total snooze slayers, the vintage lovers, the gadget gurus, the karaoke masters… there is a Toblerone bar to celebrate everyone!

Toblerone & HP Brands Innovation collaborate to test & learn through an instore activation with 180k unique pack designs.

Redacción Alabrent

With this instore activation, Toblerone wants to test & learn from the HP digital printing technique on its packs. The aim is to elevate its presence across Sainsbury’s store shelves, as well as build an emotional connection with consumers, generating a sense of pride and belonging and celebrating originality. 
Mondel z International leverages the power of co-creation through HP digitally printed packaging to inject originality and encourage its customers to give a gift to a beloved one, saying, ‘That’s so You.’ The campaign has over 170,000 unique designs – made by Bulletproof agency - where on each package, not only the type of personality is different, but also its background and icons are personalized according to the personality described in that packaging.    

It is through the power of co-creation and stakeholder engagement that brands successfully execute innovative, memorable and exciting new packaging campaigns, empowering people to celebrate their uniqueness. In fact, this is not the first time Mondel z International and HP have partnered to create a personalized campaign. This partnership has been going on for 8 years and with campaigns like Milka Leo ‘Color your Break’ or ‘Say it With Milka’ HP has helped Mondel z to increase penetration, marketing returns on investment and engagement with its consumers.
Personalized packaging has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to boost their sales in today's competitive marketplace. By tailoring packaging designs and messages to cater to individual consumers, brands can create a deeper connection and enhance the overall customer experience, aligning their products with their target audience's unique preferences, values, and lifestyles. In fact, studies from Sparks & Honey (Data Intelo 2021) revealed that 70% of consumers are willing to pay 10% more for products that have been personalized.

Jose Gorbea, Head of Brands & Sustainability Innovation HP, "We educate our brands about digital print, its strategic benefits, and inspire them to reinvent creativity through the power of co-creation, which in return accelerates the growth of the brands, driving a 2X Marketing ROI2 and most importantly, creating shared value between brand owners, HP customers, and HP. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the bond between the brand and its audience but also fosters innovation and unlocks new possibilities in the ever-evolving digital landscape."

Claire Kamara, Brand Manager, Toblerone, “The idea for this instore activation came from an HP Garage Innovation Workshop with Mondel z International in the UK. At Toblerone, we are committed to growing our business at the same time as keeping our customers totally engaged by creating new, original and personalized packaging designs for all chocolate lovers. This activation will help us test & learn from the digital printing technology, which offers an opportunity to not only innovate with storytelling on pack, but also create sustainability benefits for our business.”
To make the ‘That’s so You’ campaign possible, HP leveraged leading German PSP, Pfaffle, to print the folding carton boxes. The press used was the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, a breakthrough 75 cm format offset-matching sheetfed solution specially designed for folding carton production. With zero setup and easy versioning capabilities, the press empowers packaging converters to profitably address the evolving needs of their customers and gain a valuable competitive edge. Plus, reduces waste and over-stocking throughout the supply chain, allowing converters to offer their end customers and brands leaner, more sustainable packaging solutions. Additionally, Mondel z International required specific packaging requests, such as avoiding similar themes, avoiding grouping packs with the same type of color, or ensuring a balanced distribution of different original traits. By printing digitally and using HP SmartStream Designer’s unique variable data technology: ‘HP Spark’, PSP was able to create the perfect sequence, resulting in the correct order of Toblerone packs. This not only saved valuable time and money for the brand but also contributed to sustainability efforts by reducing shipments.
The ‘That’s so You’ Special Edition Toblerone will be in Sainsbury’s stores all across the UK from June 28 until mid-August 2023.

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