X-Rite Announces NetProfiler Update for Enhanced Color Accuracy Across the Print Workflow

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announced the latest release of NetProfiler device optimization software. The cloud-based platform can now easily be accessed through a web browser to validate and correct instrument measurement performance, improving color consistency between devices and across the print and packaging supply chain. The new online function currently supports the eXact™ Family of devices, including the new eXact 2.

With this latest release, NetProfiler is now available as a cloud-based online platform to validate and optimize spectrophotometer performance, ensuring color consistency between devices and across the print and packaging supply chain.

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“Many brands and print customers have tight color tolerances leaving little room for error in the print workflow,” said Jon-Michael McCartney, Director Print and Packaging, X-Rite. “If measurement devices are not operating at factory performance, small errors can add up and put you out of tolerance.

NetProfiler is unique in the industry as it helps printers and converters verify and optimize measurement accuracy for all their devices monthly to stay within tolerance. This is a critical part of an effective digital workflow that assures accurate spectral data is shared across InkFormulation and ColorCert® quality assurance software.”

Over time, all measurement instruments drift due to extended use, wear, and environmental conditions. Using NetProfiler monthly between annual certifications, operators can easily identify instruments needing service and reduce variation between devices before it impacts the print workflow and creates color errors. NetProfiler also standardizes color acceptance criteria and quality across global locations to ensure color consistency.

The new NetProfiler online platform uses a modern, secure, and reliable architecture. NetProfiler online offers complimentary access to X-Rite Link for all profiled devices. X-Rite Link enables printers to monitor and maintain a fleet of devices with visibility into the health and status of each X-Rite device with real-time insights from a single interactive dashboard. Additional support for both the Ci6x series and Ci7000 series of sphere spectrophotometers will be added later in 2023.

NetProfiler online is now available. Printers and converters can upgrade to NetProfiler online at no additional cost. For more information, visit www.xrite.com/netprofiler-software

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