Make life better with the power of paper

Paper is an extraordinary material. The climate-friendly, renewable material is strong, flexible and extremely versatile. With these properties, paper offers endless potential and plays an important often unrecognized role in everyday life.

Relaunch of the Felix Schoeller brand: PAPER MADE FOR LIFE.

Redacción Alabrent

Felix Schoeller combines the experience of more than 100 years of paper manufacturing with the know-how to develop solutions for life from this material together with customers and partners. PAPER MADE FOR LIFE - that's what the Felix Schoeller brand stands for. This is the result of an extensive process in which the company, led and accompanied by CEO Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, explored what contribution Felix Schoeller wants to make to society today and in the future. The new claim is one result. At the same time, it reflects the family-owned company's vision to make life better through paper and sets out the specialty paper manufacturer's mission of harnessing the power of paper to enable solutions in people's lives.

"We strive to harness the power of paper and to enable our customers and partners to find solutions. Solutions that empower lives, address challenges our society is facing, and make life better for people and our planet," says Gallenkamp. "We go beyond paper and see it as a resource for the future - with infinite possibilities."

As part of the intensive process, Felix Schoeller involved employees, customers and partners from the very beginning. A key aspect was to find out what the brand stands for, what people value about the company and what they want for the future. The results were as varied as the possibilities that paper offers. PAPER MADE FOR LIFE simultaneously reflects Felix Schoeller's own aspirations with its products and is a promise as the company's contribution to society. PAPER as the material is at the heart of all activities. MADE stands for the competencies of the company, supported above all by its employees, FOR LIFE for the strive to enable customers and partners by the own products to make a contribution to people's lives.

At the beginning of February, Felix Schoeller officially raised the curtain on its new corporate brand. In addition to the above-mentioned content, the comprehensive relaunch also includes a new global design and a uniform appearance to strengthen the Felix Schoeller brand. The Felix Schoeller Group will become Felix Schoeller, while Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG will operate in future as Felix Schoeller GmbH & Co. KG and the Canadian Technocell Inc. will be called Felix Schoeller Inc. TECHNOCELL® is and will remain the epitome of high-quality decor papers. The brand relaunch does not change Felix Schoeller's services and portfolio for a wide range of applications and market segments in numerous industries and markets worldwide, either in this or in any other product area.

With the new brand identity, the company wants to focus on its proven strengths in challenging times worldwide and send a clear message. "As Felix Schoeller, we want to send a very clear, positive signal," says Gallenkamp: "for a consolidated company, for paper as a material with potential, and for the forward look of an entire industry."

Felix Schoeller Technocell, S.L

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