Great start of a busy 2022 for Celmacch

Celmacch begins the new year with two new installations just in the first weeks of January: in both cases a Chroma HIGH TECH 1700 in line with brand new Bobst* die cutters.

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The first of the two lines has been installed in Italy, in the province of Bergamo, for a well-known company that have purchased a 4-colour Chroma HIGH TECH 1700 to be positioned in line with a Expertcut 1.6* die cutter supplied by Bobst*. The flexo printer has already been delivered and assembled at the client’s facility and will soon be ready to start production.

At the same time, Celmacch has recently completed the installation of another Chroma HIGHT TECH 1700 x 1300 mm, this time a 6-colour flexo printer, in line with a Mastercut* flat-bed die cutter supplied once again by Bobst*. The line has been delivered to a Spanish multinational in one of their facilities in central France. This specific machine was developed to work with low-thickness sheets including N-flute.

During the finalizing phase at Celmacch’s facility, the line has demonstrated that it’s capable of processing paperboard as thin as 0.7 mm at extremely high speed levels. Moreover, the flexo printer is equipped with quick anilox changeovers in order to allow for high-definition printing on coated paper.

These two installations are only the beginning of a busy year for Celmacch: in the first few months of 2022 the company will be delivering several of its machines, some of these are destined to the Italian market whilst others to northern and eastern Europe.

*”Bobst”, “Mastercut” and “Expertcut” are registered trademarks owned by Bobst SA and/or its subsidiaries. Celmacch Group are not the producer of the machine Bobst and for the sake of clarity Celmacch Group whishes to clarify that there are no commercial and/or technical links whatsoever between Bobst SA and Celmacch Group which are two separate companies.

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