Celmacch’s inside/outside printer to leverage the power of the unboxing experience

We all love the excitement associated with opening a package that just came through the post. A joy that evokes the inner child unwrapping Christmas gifts. The unboxing process is cherished by customers across industries as it fuels anticipation and provides useful information on the product they’re about to use and enjoy.

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Due to the shift to ecommerce, higher packaging standards set by best-in-class players such as Apple, and the rapid expansion of the “unboxing” genre of social media content on platforms such as YouTube (1 in 5 consumers have reported that they have watched an unboxing video*), the unboxing experience have become an essential component of the customer journey that not only shouldn’t be ignored, but that represents an unmissable opportunity for marketers to leverage.

Brands must consider how unboxing might help them connect with their customers and packaging should be attentively designed with all of this in mind.

To help brands achieve this, Celmacch is introducing a new flexo printer that is capable of printing both sides of a sheet in a single pass, significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs associated with packaging that is printed both inside and outside. In other words, this innovative technology unlocks several opportunities for companies to make the most of their customers’ unboxing experience.

The first 2-side printer will be installed by the end of 2022 for one of the industry’s major players at a global level. The machine has been developed based on the configuration of the already successful Chroma Print, it will offer quick set up and guarantee the greatest standards in terms of print quality. It will be available both with an inline configuration – to feed a flat-bed die cutter – or offline with high pile stacker.

Celmacch’s inside / outside printing functionality will be available for both the Chroma EVO and Chroma High Tech models, in the formats 1700 x 1300 mm and 2100 x 1300 mm. The machine has been designed with no pit to allow the operator to work without it, as this can represent an obstacle to a smooth workflow.

The new 2-side flexo printing solution is the result of Celmacch’s customer-oriented and innovation-focused approach. The company is extremely excited about this project and confident it’ll be a success that is effectively aligned to its customers’ needs as well as to consumer trends.

Celmacch looks forward to its customers literally “unboxing” the innovation, efficiencies, and competitive advantage that its new 2-side flexo printer will bring to them.

Celmacch Italia, S.P.A.

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