Manroland Sheetfed appoints new MD for Iberica

Along with a solid background on Information Technology, Mr. Vilaplana has more than 31 years of experience in the printing industry. He started his career in the printing industry as the IT Director of the Diari de Barcelona newspaper in 1988. Since then he has held different senior positions in printing technology, product management and sales at different renowned printing machine manufacturers, including Manroland.

Manroland Sheetfed has appointed Mr. Carlos Vilaplana González as Managing Director of its Iberica operations.

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Mr. Vilaplana initially joined Manroland in 2000 as Product Manager of "Digital Printing Systems" (Omnigraf). He left two years later but returned in 2012 to take charge of sales for Manroland Sheetfed in Spain – a position he held for three years. Mr. Vilaplana pursued other interests before being lured back to take over as Managing Director of Manroland Sheetfed's operations in Spain and Portugal.

“I am so glad that I am back at Manroland with more expertise and experience in management now,” Mr. Vilaplana said. “I am also very excited to meet my old and new colleagues in Manroland and share with them my experience of the past three decades!

“As the new Managing Director of Manroland Sheetfed Iberica, I will strive to continuously support our customers in achieving sustainable profitability. I hope to do this with the help of our highly capable team. Together we will build on the remarkable achievements of our former Managing Director, Mr. Antonio Yubero.”

Mr. Rafael Penuela, CEO of Manroland Sheetfed GmbH, warmly welcomed Mr. González back to the company.

“We are completely committed to the printing industry in Iberica,” Mr. Penuela said. “With Mr. Carlos Vilaplana González's extensive experience and knowledge of the printing market, we will continue to support our customers in the region with utmost professionalism and dedication.”

Mr. Penuela also thanked Mr. Yubero for his significant contribution to the growth of Manroland Sheetfed’s operations in the Iberian Peninsula.

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