Italian printer Valtevere Grafica new investment

Renowned Italian packaging printer takes delivery of a new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press.

Valtevere Grafica's new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press.

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Valtevere Grafica SRL is a prestigious packaging printer in Italy that specializes in top-quality packages for cosmetics, food and wine, shoes and apparel. However, like most established printers in the world, the company faces various challenges in its bid to stay ahead in the market. These include shorter lead times, higher productivity and lower energy consumption.

To keep ahead of with these challenges and further enhance market competitiveness, Valtevere Grafica recently installed a new five-color ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION press with coating.

According to the company’s owner, Mr Marcello Burini, the new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION will strengthen Valtevere Grafica’s competitiveness in the market and enable them to offer a wide range of products in every printing size.

Shorter make-ready time

Plate-changing solutions such as the PPL (Power Plate Loading) system, APL (automatic plate loading) system and DirectDrive technology significantly cut the make-ready time. The DirectDrive also greatly improves the efficiency of make-ready and job changes with its automatic functions of simultaneous plate changing, cleaning and job preset. The dampening roller system has better anti-ghosting effect, a shorter cleaning time and higher efficiency job changes.

Reduced waste

Its TripleFlow inking unit arranges the best inking amount for different graphics; the intelligent software manages the inking amount for a new job and for every job change. This reduces the waste rate and increases productivity and efficiency.

Lower energy consumption

The UV dryers can substantially lower energy consumption. Thanks to its many technical innovations including the UV dryers, the new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION will enable Valtevere Grafica to play a significant role in the challenging packaging printing industry.

Valtevere Grafica has already been operating two highly reliable ROLAND presses: a four-color ROLAND 900 7B format and a five-color ROLAND 900 6 format with coating module.

The ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION will keep them in the forefront of a very competitive market "Our packaging has received considerable recognition internationally," says Mr Burini, who attributed their success to their attention to technical innovations. With more job orders from neighboring countries, Mr Burini adds, the company is more than able to compensate for the slowdown in domestic demand.

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