New top seller MBO K80

The K80, the latest combi folding machine from MBO, has been rapidly proving itself a top seller since its market launch in Summer 2017. The machine is primarily receiving sales from the USA and Europe at present – with most European sales coming from Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
The MBO slitter shaft cassette permits ergonomic working. This avoids operators having to lean inside the machine, and they are able to adjust all tools and strippers outside the machine at the ideal height.

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Customers value the K80's robustness above all else. 24/7 operation represents no problem at all for the machine. The K80 has a comprehensive standard level of equipment. For example, the ergonomic slitter shaft cassette is always included, as are the durable PU spiral fold rollers. The machine is factory-fitted with a router as standard, providing a link-up to the MBO remote maintenance software, RAS. In addition, the first buckle plate is always equipped with a continuous sheet stop. This enlarges the contact surface of the sheet by around 30 percent. The greater contact surface avoids the sheet becoming deformed, contributing to improved fold quality at high speeds.

The K80 is available as a manual or automatic folding machine. It is suitable for high precision, high performance production of folded products such as signatures and flyers in medium and high print run lengths. Even complicated folding patterns can be produced with absolute precision.

Here's where to experience the K80 live:
- 3/15 - 3/16/18 at the Samhaber Open House in St. Marien (Austria)
- 3/20 - 3/24/18 at ExpoPrint Latin America in São Paulo (Brazil)
- 3/23/18 at the K80 Presentation at Steuber in Mönchengladbach (Germany)
- And of course in the MBO Showroom in Oppenweiler (Germany) as part of a machine demo by arrangement. Simply email

In addition to the K80, the MBO range includes two further combi folding machines for the B1 / 70 x 100 cm format range: the K70 and the K8 / K8RS. The K70 is the entry-level model from MBO. It runs slightly slower than the K80 and is available as a manual machine. The K70 impresses with a very good price/performance ratio. The K8 / K8RS is the high-end folding machine from MBO. It offers the highest degree of automation of all MBO machines. The optional RS kit turns the K8 into the K8RS – the world's fastest folding machine.

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