Upgrade, print and save with Domino’s new V230i thermal transfer printer

At interpack 2014, Domino launches the new V230i thermal transfer overprinter (TTO). Bringing high end features to a mid-range printer, it also has a more industrial design. Easy to upgrade from existing equipment, and enabling high performance printing along with significant savings, the V230i offers exceptional value in an efficient, robust package.

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Seamless upgrading

The V230i allows quick and easy upgrading of your equipment. Its compact size in an ergonomic design minimises installation costs. Utilising simple adaptor blocks enables it to retro-fit into existing thermal transfer brackets in under an hour, minimising downtime before continuing to print existing messages. The AutoAlign feature automatically aligns the print head quickly and accurately, and the printer can also be used with a variety of user interfaces to suit your needs: a 10.4” TouchPanel, a 5.7” TouchPad, or any other PC based interface can be configured, benefitting from Domino’s industry-leading QuickStep user interface for the best level of control and security.

Exceptional printing

Printing consistently from low to high speeds (10-750mm/s), the V230i continues Domino's use of intelligent Technology to provide solutions for most TTO coding requirements. Available in two 300dpi width options - 32mm and 53mm - the V230i can provide complex, high quality coding information including text, 2D bar codes, dynamic bar codes and logos. A wide range of ribbon grades are available to choose from, allowing you to make the best choice for your packaging substrate.

Significant savings

The V230i's i-Tech Ribbon Drive uses up to 60% less ribbon per print, while Domino’s unique dancing arm tension control eliminates stoppages due to ribbon break, helping you to reduce your overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Compliance ready

Domino's new QuickDesign message creation software allows you to comply with food labelling regulations, such as the new EU 1196/2011 that is coming into force from December 2014. Using QuickDesign gives the whole V-Series range the ability to print fields that contain mixed fonts within text, enabling you to create compliant ingredients lists, with highlighted Allergens, for example.

Neil Cook, Product Marketing Manager, TTO at Domino comments, “By introducing our new V230i we have the confidence that we are meeting current and future market requirements. Its industrial design allows for installation into a wide range of industry sectors, but it is particularly suited to the snack and confectionery markets due to their flexible packaging requirements.” He continues, “We are excited to offer such a sophisticated product to the market, which allows compliant printing for the upcoming food labelling regulation, and look forward to the feedback we get at interpack.”

The introduction of the V230i gives you a cost-effective solution, tailored to your specific requirements, for flexible packaging applications in a range of sectors from food, to life sciences and personal care.

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