Leopold Verpackungen installs another BOBST MASTERCUT 145 PER

At the end of 2013, Leopold GmbH Verpackungen, headquartered in Ludwigsburg, installed another BOBST MASTERCUT 145 PER flat-bed die-cutter for large-format operations at its newest production site in Marbach. The company now has a total of four BOBST high-performance flat-bed die-cutters for size 6 operations - each complete with Power Register - in its state-of-the-art facility, which the company moved into in 2007. The further increase in capacity had become necessary due to the need to manufacture even more high-quality packaging for the highly competitive food industry market while ensuring maximum performance and availability.

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“With the most recently installed MASTERCUT 145 PER we process the majority of orders at speeds of between 8,500 and 9,000 sheets an hour, in three-shift operation. In other words, we fully exploit its high production capacity. It was time for us to expand our capacity in this area, especially for high-volume orders from the food industry,” said Director Reiner Leopold, thus explaining the motivation behind the recent investment decision. Especially with these kinds of orders, maximum performance and availability of the machine technology, together with high production quality, are of utmost importance. “Further key factors that give us the flexibility we need for our everyday work are ease of use and fast changeover times between jobs.” All this contributed to the decision to install an additional MASTERCUT 145 PER. “Especially in the area of high-volume packaging for the food industry, I see no alternative to this cutter.”

The MASTERCUT 145 PER, which was designed by BOBST especially for high-production volumes, combines a state-of-the-art feeder system with intelligent sheet transport - the unique Power Register II system - along with automatic pallet transfer and the shortest possible setting-up times. These features are the secret of its extremely high productivity and reliability which combines with high-quality cutting of large formats. With a production speed of up to 9,500 sheets per hour, the MASTERCUT 145 PER is the fastest die-cutter for size 6 operations available on the market. What is more is its versatility: formats up to 1,450 x 1,050 mm are processed by the MASTERCUT 145 PER from paper with a grammage of at least 80 g/m2, cardboard of up to 2,000 g/m2 and corrugated board of up to 5 mm.

Leopold: “From our point of view, BOBST is a pioneer especially in the development of flat-bed die cutters and advancing technological development. This too was an important aspect for us. Because, obviously, with our investments we also aim at always being on the cutting edge of technology.”

The commissioning of the new MASTERCUT 145 PER flat-bed die-cutter at the Marbach facility is scheduled for early February 2014.

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