Eurotipo widens horizons with Mimaki’s latest technology

Specialised in manufacturing signage, custom decor and in-store large-format printed applications for supermarkets and other retailers, Italian company Eurotipo is surfing the future with cutting-edge JV330-160.

Mimaki's JV330-160 printer has enabled Eurotipo to explore new applications and offer customers larger print formats without sacrificing top quality and speed.

Redacción Alabrent

Large-scale retail trade is a dynamic, ever-increasing sector. Over the last decades, the evolution in shopper’s behaviour and expectations, along with the advent of online shopping, has put pressure on physical retailers to innovate and replace their existing stores with brand-new storefronts. Advanced printing technology plays a key role as the tool enabling to create outstanding shop designs and layouts, as well as to change them easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. Large-format digital printing, in particular, has been instrumental to drive the evolution of image, marketing, and communication strategies of retail chains, distributors and brand owners in their range of point-of-sales materials.

A specialist in providing retail printing services and solutions, Italian company Eurotipo has been at the forefront of the evolution of stores over the last decade. With a policy of upgrading its production equipment every two years, the company has grown to become a digital printing specialist using Mimaki technologies and serving some of the most well-known retailers in Italy, including COOP Liguria and COOP Lombardia.
Digital pathways
Established in 1976 in Vado Ligure (Liguria region), Eurotipo started off as a traditional printer and lithographer, and eventually embraced digital printing in the early 2000s. “As a company, we have always focused on keeping up with the evolution of the market,” says Daniel Valente, owner at Eurotipo. “In the early 2000s, we were facing complex market dynamics and we knew that in order to survive we would need to completely transform our business. Digital printing technology was the way to go to leverage new growth opportunities in the retail sector and beyond.”

When Eurotipo decided to invest in digital printing technology, they turned to Mimaki and Bompan, an exclusive importer of Mimaki for Italy, and purchased a JV300-160 print system through Camatech, a Bompan dealer in Liguria region. The Mimaki printer immediately had a positive impact on the business and enabled the company to efficiently produce a wide array of applications – ranging from printed labels on a roll and stickers using a variety of materials and sizes, for posters and signage – and therefore diversify the product portfolio and address new market segments. “Not only did we achieve excellent quality and extreme production efficiency, but we also found in Mimaki and Bompan a reliable and effective partner. Hence, we started planning how to further expand our business,” explains Valente.

Following that initial purchase, the company has since invested in the latest technologies from Mimaki and today utilises six Mimaki printing units, including a JFX200-2513 and a JFX500-2131 flatbed inkjet printers, a UCJV300 UV LED print & cut system, a CJV300-160 eco-solvent print & cut system, and the newest JV330-160 eco-solvent inkjet printer. “The printing sector is very competitive, and one cannot stand still. This is why we have expanded and strengthened our production printing equipment, with the aim to address the ever-evolving requirements of the market and keep our equipment and production process as up to date as possible. And with Mimaki as our main provider, we have always been able to find the most appropriate solution for each specific production requirement.”
Widening horizons
Most recently, Eurotipo was searching for a large format printing system featuring larger print size, but still providing top print quality and speed. After exploring a number of options, the company identified the Mimaki JV330-160 eco-solvent inkjet printer as the right solution. The JV330-160 was installed in December 2022 and it has been working at full capacity ever since. “It’s fast, flexible, and productive. The minute we installed it, we immediately saw improvements in terms of productivity and delivery/time to market. And the superior quality achieved has enabled us to explore new application opportunities.” Eurotipo uses the JV330-160 to produce custom signage, in-store large-format printed displays, as well as blown-up prints, high-end stickers, window displays and all kinds of decor for supermarkets, GDO shops and other retailers. In addition, thanks to the quality provided by the new printer, the company is also addressing new market segments, including perfume shops and boutiques, as well as restaurants.
“I believe that the JV330-160 was the perfect choice for us. The printer is extremely efficient and productive, as well as easy to handle, meaning that we can reduce the overall production time. Likewise, the superior quality delivered has opened up new opportunities in different market niches, which is instrumental to the company’s present and future growth,” says Daniel Valente. According to him, there is more added value to be explored. The Mimaki digital printing equipment at Eurotipo perfectly fits the other flagship technologies in use, including pad printing and digital embroidery printing. “We have always focused on advanced, cutting-edge technologies and we can now combine them to achieve superior results in different applications addressed to different markets.”

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