Gallus Orders Fifth Labelmaster to Support Business Growth at Scandinavian Print Giant, Nordvalls

Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG announces that is has ordered its fifth Gallus Labelmaster 440 Advanced - a 10-colour flexo press with two screen printing stations – at Scandinavian adhesive label specialist, Nordvalls. As part of a five-year plan with the goal of upgrading and to drive increased press consistency, Nordvall's set an earlier date for the installation of their fourth and most recently installed Labelmaster to meet increased demand from customers. Now the fifth is on its way in the space of five years.

Nordvalls and Gallus celebrate in front of a Gallus Labrelmaster at Nordvalls Sjöbo production facility - Patrik Jenemark, Managing Director Nordvalls Etikett AB; Ferdinand Rüesch, Anchor Shareholder Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) and Senior Vice President Global Key Accounts Gallus; Lion Schneider Market Region Manager at Gallus Ferd. Rueesch AG, Rickard Rafstedt Account Manager.

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According to Nordvalls, its choice of Gallus to achieve these goals was due to confidence in the supplier relationship – one that began in 1965 and with 24 press installs to date - and Gallus’ ability to understand their business and vision. The decision to choose the Gallus Labelmaster came down to three key competitive advantages - press flexibility, high print quality and increased efficiency savings - all enabling minimized down-time.

The increase in press flexibility will be delivered by the Labelmaster’s modular design, enabling Nordvalls to configure the press to its exact needs today, but with the option to add equipment in the future. The Labelmaster’s superior register control system will deliver its ultra-high print quality, and its intuitive press design with light-weight gearless cylinders, will enable its market leading ‘quick set-up time’.

Patrik Jenemark, Managing Director, Nordvalls comments: “In terms of press efficiency, we expected to make savings of around 7% with our existing Gallus Labelmasters, but we’re actually achieving closer to 10%. In combination with other benefits, this gain has contributed to dramatic improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability and, importantly, a reduction in waste.

“Our story with Gallus is one of an enduring and extremely valuable customer/supplier relationship,” continues Patrik Jenemark. “In 2016, we met with Ferdi Rüesch and his team to outline our vision and business objectives, and together, we made short- and long-term plans as to necessary press installs to manage our expected growth. Key to this process is Gallus’ partnership approach, which often sees them scaling back our technology aspirations, suggesting press choices that better fit our needs and saving us money.”

With food and beverage jobs representing 50% of work for Nordvalls, the new Gallus Labelmaster will be installed at its Sjöbo based facility in April 2022. It will be used to support business growth from existing customers as well as jobs from its sister companies.

With an annual turnover of €65 million and employing 160 people, Nordvalls supports businesses in Sweden, Denmark and Norway with high quality, long-run, printed adhesive labels. The company attributes its success to experienced and committed employees, as well as strong customer relationships. It also believes that clients appreciate its company values, as well as the prerequisite high product quality and service, and value for money.

Ferdinand Rüesch, Anchor Shareholder Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) and Senior Vice President Global Key Accounts Gallus, comments, “We are obviously delighted with this new Labelmaster order at Nordvalls, and the impact the technology is having on the business. For us, this a perfect example of what can be achieved when a business works in harmony with a supplier who understands their vision, and not just their immediate needs.”

Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG

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