hubergroup updates the packaging of its products and makes them greener

International ink manufacturer hubergroup Print Solutions has developed a new sustainable concept for its secondary packaging, harmonising the look and feel of its cardboards worldwide. The company has already been using environmentally friendly paper since 2020. Now, new wrap-around boxes, pop-up boxes and cartridge boxes will optimise and automate internal logistics processes. Distributors and customers benefit from less packaging waste and better handling. This does not only protect the environment, but also creates economic benefits such as less time and reduced space requirements when disposing of the cardboard boxes on site. This applies to secondary packaging for 2.5 kg and 1 kg cans as well as 2 kg cartridges.

The changeover of the cardboards will take place gradually and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Redacción Alabrent

hubergroup has already dispensed with the use of bleach in its secondary packaging since 2020. However, this was only the first step towards more environmentally friendly packaging at the printing ink manufacturer. Now, the company is introducing completely redesigned boxes for 2.5 kg and 1 kg cans worldwide: a variant with wrap-around folding as well as pop-up boxes with divider. Likewise, 2 kg cartridges turn also up in a revised carton.

When optimising the cartons for 2 kg cartridges, hubergroup payed special attention to the customers' workflows. Oliver Eigenbrod, Project Manager SCM and Logistics at hubergroup Germany, explains: "The most important change is the elimination of a separate perforated plate as an inlay, which is now integrated into the carton material. This reduces waste, as polystyrene is no longer needed as a filling material. In addition, the new carton box can be opened quickly with a tear strip: a small but significant efficiency advantage in our customers' daily operations."

The changeover of the cardboards will take place gradually and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. "Our new wrap around boxes for 2.5 kg and 1 kg cans will completely replace our standard bar boxes for these sizes. Besides the environmental aspect, they are much more robust and stable and therefore more effective to handle for our customers. This has been proven by extensive tests with various parcel service providers," explains logistics expert Oliver Eigenbrod.

The improved properties of the redesigned cardboard boxes accelerate internal logistics processes and thus lay the foundation for further automation.

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