First Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press installed in Paraguay at Germany S.A.C.I.A.G

Scodix, the world’s leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announces that Germany S.A.C.I.A.G has installed a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press. The press is the first of the Scodix Ultra series to be installed in Paraguay where Germany S.A.C.I.A.G is a leading packaging producer in the food, tobacco, clothing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

Germany S.A.C.I.A.G has installed a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press, the first in Paraguay.

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Edgar Himmelreich, CEO of Germany S.A.C.I.A.G, states, “It is simple logic to bring the leading digital enhancement press onto our production floor, as it enables us to supply quality short-run enhancement to our customers quickly and economically. The release of the Scodix low migration polymer, Scodix PolySense 550, helped our decision to purchase a Scodix press, as we are such a large provider of food packaging.”

All presses within the Scodix Ultra series work with PolySense 550 for digital enhancement applications requiring low migration for indirect contact with products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, which represent a large proportion of the products Germany S.A.C.I.A.G produces packaging for. Approved by Swiss Ordinance, Scodix PolySense 550 makes various applications – including Scodix Sense™, Scodix Foil™, Scodix VDE™, Scodix Cast&Cure™ and Scodix Glitter™ – viable for food packaging.

“Our ethos is about bringing our passion to every project we work on,” Himmelreich elaborates, “We want to develop great packaging at the best possible cost. Scodix digital enhancement allows all of our customers to achieve luxurious packaging for their brand, no matter the size of their production run, no matter the product.”

The Scodix Ultra press was sold to Germany S.A.C.I.A.G, by Novaprint Innovasa, Scodix’ partner in Paraguay, also representing the company in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay. Novaprint Innovasa Director Ariel Musri comments on their latest installation: “We’ve been serving the graphic arts industry in South America since 2004, and as such we have an excellent relationship with Germany S.A.C.I.A.G. When we talked to them about potential new technologies that could really add value for new and existing customers, whilst serving the increasing demand for short-run jobs, we knew Scodix was the perfect solution.”

Isaac Castiel, Scodix VP of LATAM adds, “Germany S.A.C.I.A.G is the perfect fit for Scodix, the technology compliments their desire to uniquely enhance offset products. We are also delighted to add Paraguay to the list of countries that operate a Scodix press. South America now delivers Scodix enhanced products from coast-to-coast, which is an inspiring achievement.”

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