Prepress success for AG Parera with ESKO CDI Plate Production Investmen

Leading global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging, label and wide format sectors, Esko, has delivered success for design and prepress trade shop Artes Gráficas Parera.
Marc Parera, Director General de AG Parera, comenta: “Estamos totalmente comprometidos a ser los mejores en lo que hacemos. Invertir en el nuevo CDI Crystal 4835 XPS fue el siguiente paso natural para mejorar aún más nuestras capacidades técnicas para garantizar que podamos cumplir con este compromiso.

[Redacción] Having previously invested in an Esko CDI Spark plate imager, the company has now enhanced its capabilities with an Esko CDI Crystal 4835 XPS plate imaging and exposure system to drive consistency and quality at its site in Montmeló, Barcelona.

The CDI Crystal 4835 XPS is a comprehensive flexo plate imaging and exposure system that revolutionises the practice of making flexographic plates. Its high level of automation removes the need for complex manual steps and streamlines production into one coordinated, linear process while maintaining quality.

Marc Parera, Managing Director of AG Parera, said: “We are totally committed to being the very best at what we do. Investing in the new CDI Crystal 4835 XPS was the natural next step in further enhancing our technical capabilities to ensure we can deliver on this commitment.

“Thanks to the level of automation offered by the new CDI, our operators only need to select the plate they need, safe in the knowledge it is certified and the technical specifications are already pre-configured in the system. This makes everything more intuitive, the risk of errors is reduced and our operational efficiency is significantly increased.”

Combining the CDI plate imaging and exposure solution with a Kongsberg X20 cutting table for plate finishing, as well as design and cutting of bespoke packaging for shipping of the plates to customers, the set up at Parera is now second to none in the Spanish market.

Snr. Parera added: “Exposure is now simultaneously delivered on the front and back of the plates. This guarantees the floor of the plate is always correct and uniform, enabling the upgrade in plate consistency and performance we were seeking. Our customers have been absolutely delighted with the consistently high-quality plates we are now able to produce.”

Esko Iberia, S.L.

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