Silicone base papers from Sappi gaining market share outside Europe

Algro Sol silicone base papers from Sappi have had an outstanding quality reputation in the marketplace for the last several decades. Today, Algro Sol enjoys a leading market position in Europe. Before completing the conversion of paper mill PM2 in Alfeld, inaugurated in March 2014, the previous production line for silicone base papers offered minimal flexibility for further growth. Now, increased production capacities ensure a long-term and sustainable supply in a dynamically changing marketplace, expanding its reach to the Americas and Asia.

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Low silicone consumption and homogeneous silicone surface

An important advantage for converters using silicone base paper is the low silicone consumption that is achieved with Algro Sol paper types in the siliconisation process. The consumption values are normally between 1 and 1.3 g/m². However, consumption measurements have even resulted in values below 1 g/m². This means the consumption is 25% lower as compared to other standard carrier papers currently available on the market. This is achieved by using a double clay coating or by smoothing or calendering of the side being siliconised. Despite the low silicone consumption, an extremely homogeneous silicone surface is achieved. This ensures excellent removal of the self-adhesive films from the siliconised carrier paper. Reduced silicone consumption results in significant cost savings and has a positive effect on the eco-balance. The pulp used to produce Sappi papers also has a positive impact on the environment. As an example, Algro Sol papers are manufactured from pulp sourced from FSC approved wood.

A paper manufacturer with expertise knowledge

Silicone base papers must have good properties both for siliconisation and subsequent processing. Extensive expertise and comprehensive applications knowledge are absolutely essential here. Sappi has acquired both over several decades, and this expertise has been applied during the development of Algro Sol papers. These papers feature rapid silicone curing and good silicone anchoring, high dimensional stability with good flatness of the self-adhesive bond, low shrinkage of the paper on heat loading as well as high ply-bond strength. Sappi offers the right solution for every individual application specification. Over the years, the Algro Sol product line has been expanded to include a variety of individual paper types for specific applications. In addition, commercial and in-house siliconisation customers have praised the consistently high quality of Algro Sol papers that results in a high degree of process reliability and process efficiency.

Short delivery lead-times worldwide

To ensure that Algro Sol papers are available to siliconisation customers quickly, Sappi maintains international logistics centres and develops custom delivery programmes. In this process, the customer's specific requirements are analysed and special logistics solutions developed. Gunnar Sieber, Manager Product Group Release Liner at Sappi Europe, says, "Our customers expect fast delivery lead-times worldwide, and that's exactly what they get, regardless of whether their production sites are in Germany, the USA, Colombia or China."

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