PROKOM production printing community announced

On 11 February at the headquarters of Konica Minolta in Langenhagen (Germany), an independent European user group called PROKOM, has been announced by Konica Minolta as part of its ongoing commitment and support to the print industry. Companies across Europe are being invited to join this production printing community of Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS users. PROKOM will help members share, develop and grow efficient digital communication services, as well as become a platform for members to express their "voice of customer".

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PROKOM, which is being sponsored by Konica Minolta, wants to achieve three important objectives:

- Share: to provide a forum where they can share business ideas and experiences to build and profitably expand our businesses.
- Influence: to develop communications with Konica Minolta’s senior management about their priorities for future design, functionality, technology and services.
- Network: to build profitable long-lasting relationships between members and to provide support and education through workshops, conferences, publications and electronic meeting places.

PROKOM members can actively engage with Konica Minolta about their priorities for future design, functionality, technology and services and they will be uniquely enabled to build profitable long-lasting relationships. The result is continued leading edge development of industry relevant solutions.

Andy Barber, General Manager of imail, UK Mail, who is PROKOM’S first chairman, said: “I want to thank the management of Konica Minolta for giving us the opportunity to form PROKOM, which is a great platform for members to express our “voice of the customer” and will provide many opportunities to learn, to share and represent our interests to further enable us to grow. As somebody who is a regular speaker at industry conferences, I know how important it is to share relevant information with and learn from fellow professionals.”

Ken Osuga, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said: “We fully support a platform for engagement with and amongst active reference customers, while maintaining the benefits of a collaborative user network that shares and influences the Konica Minolta road maps.

“Konica Minolta is strongly committed to the production printing industry. After all, our success story in production printing is unique: having entered the industry in 2004 we became market leader in cutsheet printing in small and mid-production in less than ten years. This is something to be proud of, but it is also the source of new challenges, as we constantly strive to enable our customers’ business.”

Etienne Van Damme, Deputy General Manager, International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said: “The user community offers the opportunity to express customer challenges, issues and aspirations. This will allow members to continue to invest in their Konica Minolta production solutions now and in the future.”

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