HP Announces One of the First Global Installations of HP PageWide Advantage 2200 In France

Data One, a subsidiary of Groupe Diffusion Plus and France's largest provider of printed and digital marketing materials, is once again placing its trust in HP by announcing one of the first global installations, and the first installation in Europe, of an HP PageWide Advantage 2200 Web Press in October at its Gaillon site in Normandy. A year after installing an HP PageWide T250 Web Press to complement its existing production line of three HP PageWide Web T240 HD presses, Data One is now looking to accelerate its green transition while developing new products and experiences.

Presentada por primera vez por HP junto con DataOne en PRINTING United Expo en Las Vegas en octubre de 2022, la nueva prensa web HP PageWide Advantage 2200 logra una velocidad de impresión en color HD de 150 m/min, lo que permitirá que Data One se expanda a nuevas aplicaciones, alcance nuevas industrias como la fotografía, y completa su programa para migrar del embalaje de película al papel.

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First unveiled by HP alongside DataOne at PRINTING United Expo in Las Vegas in October 2022, the all-new HP PageWide Advantage 2200 Web Press achieves a colour HD print speed of 150m/min, which will allow Data One to expand into new applications, reach new industries such as photography, and complete its programme to migrate from film packaging to paper. As with the content, the envelopes will now be fully customisable and manufactured directly at the production site without additional transport. Data One will also be able to decrease the time it takes to achieve high quality production volume by a third: : what used to take 24 hours to print, will now take 8 hours with only one production team. . This speed and precision of execution will allow the company to stop running several toner-based machines, creating significant energy savings.

"Thanks to the ultra-customisation that the installation of this new press gives us, we can deliver more effective and intelligent documents, which allows us to limit the waste of energy and raw materials. HP is helping us to meet our sustainable development challenges with a business model that suits us and a relationship of trust that grows stronger every year," said Loïc Lefebvre, Development Director, Data One, Groupe Diffusion Plus.

To ensure its ecological transition, Data One has also called on energy equipment and solutions company, A3NERGY, to install a heat recovery system on its new HP PageWide Advantage 2200 press, as well as on other presses in its fleet. The system will be used to optimise industrial processes by wasting as little energy as possible. The heat produced by the various presses will be extracted and redistributed for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

"This new investment is decisive for our group, as we have decided to accelerate our eco-responsible strategy to establish a more sustainable customer relationship. Our objective is to reduce our carbon footprint, while developing new experiences and products, especially for our direct marketing activities. This new press will also boost our growth potential with a revolutionary quality and speed of execution never achieved in the market. We are delighted with the new press.” added Lefebvre.

Speaking of Data One's latest investment, Alain Wyckmans, HP PageWide Manager, France, HP Inc., We are delighted to support Data One in its sustainability strategy with the installation of an HP PageWide Advantage 2200. In an environment where addressing environmental issues is more important than ever, Data One is a model for all companies that want to achieve high quality printing at ever-faster speeds without sacrificing the environment."

The HP PageWide Advantage 2200 is designed to meet the needs of print service providers of all sizes. This revolutionary press delivers industry-leading productivity with media quality and versatility for publishing, direct mail, and commercial printers to help them grow their businesses.

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